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Who Is The Most Beautiful Woman of All Time?

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Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, unless the beholder is blind, in which case it would be in the hands or ears or nose or possibly (hopefully) mouth. Yum. Point being: we all have different opinions about this stuff and it’s so true that there’s a boring cliche about it with which to open blog posts. Some folks think Kate Upton has hit the nail on the head, but you can’t think that if you’ve ever seen Lena Horne sing. You just can’t.

There’s also Linda Evangelista and Sophia Loren and that one model from the ‘80s whose name escapes me. So, in your opinion, who is she? Who is the most beautiful woman of all time? Let’s argue about it in the comments.

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Perfection, thy name is Lupita.

Seriously, you guys. If I were even a fraction of this level of gorgeous, I would just park my ass in front of reflective surfaces and eye-fuck the shit out of myself, while drooling ever so slightly.