What The Animal Kingdom Really Thinks About Women's Makeup

It's a well-known secret that men hate it when we wear makeup and/or outwardly express our personalities. It's documented here, here and here. Have you ever considered the equally relevant opinion of barn animals? Animals of the wild? Household pets? We asked around and found out what they really think about your favorite makeup trends.

Dark lipstick: Yay or Nay?


How does this baby duck feel about rainbow hair?

The "no makeup" makeup look?


This Kitten is no fan of your "cat eye" eyeliner.


"No bold eyebrows," says the rhino.


So remember, girls: we don't do our makeup because we enjoy putting it on or because we like the way we look. We put it on for the pleasure of everyone else! Animals favor a natural seeming, non-flashy, classically feminine look, so please change your beauty routine accordingly.

Images via Shutterstock.

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