What Is BuzzFeed Trying to Say Here?

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BuzzFeed tweeted out this little nugget of internet content and it sure has me mighty confused. For some reason, they decided to post side-by-side pictures of Lil Kim and Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande. The problem is that they left one important thing out.


Without comment? What do you mean? I don’t...WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY, BUZZFEED?

What if we had to comment on this vague, probably unnecessary comparison between four women who happen to work in the same industry? What say us then?

  • Folks used to go to the club, now they just take selfies at home
  • People wear a lot more makeup these days
  • It’s possible for two people to take a picture together
  • It’s possible for two women to take a picture together
  • Girls can be friends
  • Ladies be posing
  • Hey look! I know them!
  • Time is linear
  • Fake eyelashes have really improved since the 90s
  • Cell phones take pictures now
  • Why does that baby have so much hair?
  • Both of these pictures display solid shot composition
  • One picture has a leg and one does not
  • Eight ovaries
  • Pictures are cool
  • Good lighting is good
  • Fame can be a lonely, soul-crushing experience—a pain that many try to hide with illusions of glamour and fake smiles with fake friends
  • We probably should have deleted this tweet

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I don’t really understand all the excessive hate for Buzzfeed on here lately. It’s not like they offered $10k to buy untouched Vogue photos of Lena Dunham or as if they took cheap shots at Amy Pascal’s private online purchases. Don’t worry, Jez, no one is muscling in on you.