Start Your Week With Some Outdated Beauty Advice

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Fashion Faces: 20 Stunning Make-Up Ideas was published in 1982. The looks are at times hard to tell apart — more brown eyeshadow, more mascara, more red lipstick — but the names are endlessly entertaining. Here we have “Cool Executive” and I’m sure you’ll agree she is very cool and very executive. Here are some tis from its forward:

  • “Choose a foundation to match your skin tone, or one shade lighter...”
  • “Shape and correct the eyebrows with pencil and eyebrow brush/combo (or an old toothbrush).”
  • “Apply a first coat of mascara, allow to dry and separate the lashes with a brush/comb before putting on the second coat.”
  • “Try to co-ordinate the colours on your face with your outfit so that you present a total picture.”

So, you want foundation that does or doesn’t match your skin, a dirty old toothbrush to stick in your eyes, and the patience of a saint.

What have you learned lately?

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My mom said to Jr. High me, “I know you put on a lot of makeup to try to change your face, but you can’t change your face.”