So, What Were You for Halloween?

Two questions: what did you dress up as and what was the best costume you saw this weekend?


1. My kid chose to be Katy Perry from the “Roar” video. I made her costume out of fake plants from Micheal’s hot glued to two headbands — one for her head, and one for around her li’l waist. Even though I forgot to paint on a nose and whiskers, potentially embarrassing her, I chaperoned dressed as the tiger. Her dad was told to be “the guy from the ‘Roar’ video.” She got a lot of candy, obviously.

2. The best costume this year goes to my friend Leo who made a better pregnant Kim K than Kim herself:

Your turn, in the comments.

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Alex Nursall

Since my hair is already an unnatural shade of bluey-green, I went as Sailor Mercury (props to my amazing friend who helped me sew this thing, or else I would’ve been Sailor Towel Around My Waist). My partner went as the Witch King from LotR, meaning that he spent most of the night dealing with people going “CHECK IT OUT, IT’S SAURON” and bumping into stuff.