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Let's Talk About Beauty Products. I'll Go First.

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Last week one of you brilliant readers suggested we create a space on this site for chatting about all of our makeups and hair craps. Here is that space! Every Monday, we’d love to hear about your weekend trips to Sephora, party makeup fails, broken compacts and any other beauty-related nonsense you’d like to share.


For example: On Friday my friend Suzanne was wearing the most flattering light tawny brown eyeshadow. Okay, it was maybe kind of peachy? But more brown than peach. Very subtle and warm. I assumed it was from the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette but that bitch said it was NYX! It’s the third one from the left here and the whole damn palette is like seven bucks. The nerve of some people.

Let her rip in the comments!

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Apricot Poodle Riding Eeyore Across a Rainbow

I’m curious how many brushes everyone keeps in regular rotation and how much cleaning you do? I’m a lazy asshole and tend to wear the same 3 colors to work (from an Urban Decay Naked), but then weekends hit and I do not have enough brushes for my Urban Decay Electric Palette needs.

Related: What brush cleaning products do you recommend? I’m using soap and water but I’m sure there’s something really spiffy out there I’m missing.