Here's the Best Quick-Drying Makeup Brush Cleanser For Lazy Slobs

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According to professional makeup artists, brushes should be cleaned with soap and water at least once a month, at most once a week. According to me, I mean, do what you can? Life is short. There are dishes and children and teeth in need of cleansing. Brushes are pretty far down on my list of shit to take care of, you know?


Luckily, Make Up For Ever apparently has a few wastrels on their development team and they came up with the perfect solution for folks like me: this instant spray-on brush cleanser. I don’t think you’re supposed to use it in place of actually washing your tools, but on the fly, it is incredible at cleaning one color off of a brush so you can move onto the next without rinsing or residue. Sometimes I’ll go from a lightish all-over eye shadow to a dark crease color and then I remember I need to add highlighter using the same brush because who can be bothered to find another eye shadow brush? That’s where this stuff comes in. A few sprays directly on the bristles, some quick swipes on a square of toilet paper, and the brush is clean, dry and ready to go. It seems like it’ll be wet or oily, but trust me, it works. Get the small one; a little goes a long way.

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I am so useless at remembering to clean brushes. Like, once every 3 months useless. I make myself feel better by saying that I’m only using these brushes for powder products, but I secretly know I’m disgusting. It’s okay.

When I do clean, I use the Beautyblender solid—not for any particular reason, I just have the solid from when I bought my Beautyblender, & it cleans everything pretty equally. I know supposedly you can use any other soap, but whatever, this is already here & it comes in its own little drying station. I'm not throwing it away.