Here's the Best Multi-Purpose Eyeshadow Brush

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First things first: yes, this brush is $25. BUT! I’ve had mine for years now. Like, oh god, if I really think about it, maybe over five years? And I use it a ton and wash it as often as it occurs to me, so it holds up. It is MAC’s number 217 Blending Brush and it is my very favorite brush.


If you don’t mind shelling out a quarter of a hundred dollars on a stick with some hairs attached to it, you’re going to be so happy with this dang thing. This brush is fluffy enough to buff away any hard edges, but not so large that it blurs all your shadow together. It’s stiff enough to place small amounts of highlighter or dark crease color expertly, and then soft enough to blend in the same stroke. And it’s small enough that it dries pretty quickly after washing.

Here’s a too-long, old video of me using it for just about everything.

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Yesss, I’ve been waiting for this post all week.

Ladies, I need a brush for applying my bronzer and highlighter, and I also need a fluffy brush for applying powder. The ones I have are from, no joke, some kind of pre-teen practice/play makeup set. They are, um, inadequate.