Here's the Best Classic Red Lip Stain that Stays On Forever

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Some people are so stylish that they can transcend makeup, can pull off every trend, no matter how objectively ugly, with the cool blase of a Mick Jagger muse. As somebody who has been doing her makeup virtually the same way since I was a teenager, I am not one of those people. I like to find products that work for me and stick with them forever.


Two years ago, as I toddled like a baby deer through an unfamiliar Los Angeles Sephora, my search for a go-to lipstick landed on Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain in Always Red 01, a classic, bold, bright color neutral enough to go with everything but dramatic enough to be worn to anything. Since then, I’ve worn it almost every day. I will never let it go.

Not only is the color perfect on a variety of skin tones—I’m pale, but have seen it pulled off brilliantly by women with tan, olive and darker skin—it stays on through ordeals that would cause most lipwear to surrender. It has lasted me through an entire 3-hour ceremony during which I was taking intermittent swigs of whisky from a plastic flask, workdays followed by appearances on pancake-makeup news TV programs with little-to-no reapplication, Christmas dinner, 100 degree subway platform temperatures, and more. Its dryout is minimal and it’s so comfortable to wear that I sometimes forget I’m wearing anything on my lips. I’ve gone to bed without taking it off, woken up, gone on a run, looked in a mirror, and realized that the lipstick I put on the day before is still on. I get compliments on it all the time. This is a ride or die lipstick, and unless Sephora cruelly discontinues it, I’ll probably wear it for the next 18 years.

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I am a total pain in the ass when it comes to this new “long wear” lipstick trend, because I hate 98% of it. I don’t care about my lipstick lasting 12 hours if it means my lips feel like they’re about to shrivel up & fall off my face. I’d rather a hydrating lipstick that might end with a few instances of feathering but is overall comfortable. Same with lipgloss—I don’t mind the occasionally sticky sensation or reapplying every few hours comparatively.

HOWEVER, if I am in a sitaution where I need something to stand the passage of time without feeling like I’m in the Sahara, I wear these Sephora cream stains. They really are the best neutral between comfortable & long wearing for me. And they’re not ridiculously overpriced, which is nice.

For even more modestly priced products, Colourpop JUST launched their gel liners & pots, & I want to buy. Every. Shade. I haven’t even tried one yet, but I want them all!

Please send help.