Here Is the Best Foundation for Celebrity-Perfect Skin

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Skin is very important. Sure, it’s the largest organ in your body, but I’m talking about important stuff right now—achieving perfect skin with the help of beauty products.

I used to not worry too much about foundation. My skin has never really been a problem for me, (thank you melanin) so I figured that anything that could provide the illusion of a bit more uniformity would do the trick. My concern and commitment to foundation existed somewhere between Bare Minerals and drugstore brands.

But last year I decided to get somewhat more serious up in this bitch and go for the gold: truly *flawless* skin. I wanted celebrity skin, dammit. A friend of mine who works in the beauty industry suggested Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation and I bit.


I went the the Armani beauty county at Nordstrom and found the only brown-skinned girl working there because I still have issues from when I got my makeup done for the junior prom and I looked like a somebody had mixed crisco and coco power and rubbed it all over my face.

I told her that I wanted coverage, but nothing too heavy. After she applied, I finally got luxury foundation. My skin looked perfect—smooth, completely even and radiant. I don’t remember if I knew that this sauce costs $62 a bottle at the beginning, but that wouldn’t have stopped me.

Because it’s lightweight and doesn’t have a super matte quality, my skin still looked like my skin, but perfect. It also works better the less you use, if that makes sense. I used to use a full pump and when I cut that in half, it was on.

Armani foundation is an investment, but if there’s anything that’s worth getting right—not to be punny—it’s your foundation.


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Is it full coverage? I have acne scars that are basically red and I am super pale, it’s not a pretty combo. I am going to Sephora this weekend to exchange my MUFE that I tried, was thinking of going with the Lancome 24 hr but this stuff is only $20 more, so I am tempted!