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Fashion What Ifs: The Walk of Shame

UPDATE: The T-shirt can be found here.

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Girl from Around the Way

I used to keep a overnight / gym bag in the trunk of my car that my brother referred to as: "The 'Ho On-The-Go Bag." In that Go Bag, I had everything I could possibly need for the morning after the night before. I could roll right out of (that someone's bed) and straight into the office. On those days, I'd be so fresh and crisply pressed that no one on my entirely male software staff had any idea that I was having sexy times with the team lead on another project, who's office was just down the hall way.

At another job, I kept a "Go Bag" in my gym locker. This was a really posh gym located in the same building as my office; it opened at 4:00 am. This gym had all manner of services: hot towels, steam room / sauna, manicure / pedicure, body waxing, hair salon, shoe shine / shoe repair, a fully-stocked concession store with all manner of toiletries — including pantyhose, a juice bar / snack bar, etc.

My favorite clothing for the "Go Bag": two reversible skirts, two washable silk sweater sets, one bias-cut, ankle-length skirt, one silk cream or white dress shirt, also washable silk. All skirts and sweater sets were "mix-and-match". A loose-structured blazer in a neutral colored soft fabric, reversible if possible — if not two blazers. A pair of low-heeled Mary Jane or T-strap shoes in a neutral color. Several pair, sheer flesh-toned pantyhose and /or ribbed tights in a neutral color. Full make-up kit for day or night.

I used to laugh at my colleagues who were just so unprepared for the potential night out into morning situation.