Welcome back to Deep Cuts. Please buy this hot junk that’s on sale so that I can’t.

Ebony “Whatever” Bangle with Diamonds, $2,432 (was$ 3,740) I’m not saying I would wear this and no other piece of jewelry every single day for the rest of my life, but if I had to...

Lace Bike Shorts, $29.95 (were $58) This is the first, and I imagine last, time I’ll say bike shorts are fucking hot but these are fucking hot. Picture them without the shirt and with a can of beer.
Triple C Power Card, $18.90 with code EXTRA40 (was $34.50) Judge Kara Brown has one of these and at first I was like, “That’s dumb, it’s just another thing you have to remember to charge,” but then my phone almost died at Coachella and you should’ve seen the smug look on her face.
Luxe Ankle Sweater Pants, $20 (were $89) Cashmere-blend swex. And check out the shoes...


Metallic Ballet Flats, $7.49 WTF? (were $49) And they’re faux fur lined. You crazy for this one, Chico’s.
Isabel Marant Child’s Blouse, $29.40 (was $98) It’s your child an absolute snob? Then why not dress her like one?
Ciate Strike-a-Posy Set, $11.25 with code FRIENDS (was $25) It’s spring. Put real pressed flowers on your fingertips.


Junarose Printed T-Shirt Dress, $32.40 with code ADD10 (was $91) Does this print remind anyone else of some of the newer, edgy Liberty of London patters? No? Just me? Where my quilters at!
Embellished Lace Bustier with Cutouts, $199.99 (was $428) 32D, please.