Now that Halloween is upon us, a bunch of weird, so-called “Halloween” items are on sale. Let’s make fun of them and then secretly buy them anyway.

Unicorn Mask, $21.99 (was $32) This is pretty nice, you gotta admit.

Halloween Black Feathers Cape, $10.15 (was $14.50) Don’t mind if I do.

Pophead, $13.99 (was $19.99) What. The accessories are also on sale.


Pumpkin Place Cards, $3.46 (were $5) Use these for Thanksgiving. We’ll never tell.

Bottle of Blood, $7.99 (was $10.79) A steal at twice the price.


Marble Box with Brass Raven’s Skull, $29.99 (was $39) I don’t know about you, but this seems like more of a Valentine’s Day item to me.

Halloween Evil Eyes Sneakers, $31.50 (were $45) These are actually cute.


Halloween Lace Peephole Catsuit, $47 (was $63) What on earth is Halloween about this? Doesn’t matter; buying anyway.

EZN Shaking Pudding Hair Color, $16 What is this and why is it in the Halloween department and why isn’t it on sale? Someone get to the bottom of this great mystery?


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