Welcome back to Deep Cuts where we make fun of a bunch of hot junk that’s on sale and then secretly buy it anyway.

Rose Gold Nail Stickers, $7.80 (were $13) There are 200 stickers in this pack. Try to use them all at once!

TCB Bath Mat, $19.99 (was $29) Does anyone else use "taking care of business" to mean, ahem, special alone time? No? Just me?
Snake Charmer Heel, $69.95 (were $228) If only the feet came with. If you're about to complain about how uncomfortable these look, don't worry, I got you, mom.
Superga Mom Shoes, roughly $28 after the discount at checkout (were $60)
Topshop Double Ended Eyeliner, $4 (was $12) This stuff goes on easily an stays on HARD. Like, get a new eye makeup remover-level of staying power. You've been warned.
Madrigal Stripe Top, $39.95 (was $78) OK, this top might not look like much but trust me that people will be stopping you on the street asking where you got it. Decide if you're a people person before ordering.
Free People Embroidered Slip, $29.50 (was $118) Nothing like beautiful lingerie for 75% off. While you're at Nordstrom Rack, check out these $30 actual silk bridesmaid's dresses, wtf?
Rizzoli Marianne Faithfull Photo Memoir, $26 (was $65) Eat your heart out, Kim.

(PS: Because this book sent me down a Marianne Faithfull rabbit hole, I sadly discovered that Shel Silverstein wrote one of her singles, "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan" which is about a 37-year-old housewife who realizes she'll never "ride through Paris in a sports car" so she jumps off a building. Oh, Shel.)

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