Deep Cuts: The Mysterious Case of The $10 Suede Boots

(Almost) every Friday we round up some hot junk that's on sale. Welcome to Deep Cuts.

Snake Cuff Bracelet, $16.50 (was $24) Sssssstack it.

Suede Knee Boots, $9.98 (were $289) Look, Chico's is ALWAYS bananas, but this shoe sale is truly perplexing. See?
Boscia Bronze BB Cream, $5 (was $38) I can't get a good handle on exactly what this is. Can someone order it and let us know?
Blouse with Tie Back, $33 (was $76) This is one of those items — a sheer white blouse — that I find myself buying over and over and over again. Just counted and there are four in my closet that you can hardly tell apart. My friend Lisa has a million pairs of tall black boots. What's your repeat purchase?
Splendid Pocket Tee Dress, $32.40 (was $108) Unnfff, this is perfect. Yes, it's a little sheer. That's what extra-long cardigans are for. Or just sleep in it, and by "sleep in it" I mean buy it for me.
Formula X Luster Polish, $6 (was $12.50) Hey, weren't we just talking about this?
DevaCurl Styling Cream, $14.95 (was $24.95) Hey, weren't we just talking about this?
dp HUE Cool Blonde Conditioner, $14.99 (was $24) Hey, weren't we just talking about this?
Doll Furniture, $179.95 (was $298) Hahaha oh man, who does your kid's doll even think she is, The Queen of Versailles!?

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