Welcome back to Deep Cuts where we round up some hot junk that’s on sale. Buy it, or don’t!

Diplomatico Blanco 6 Year Old Venezuelan Rum, $27.99 (was $34.99) There’s still time to getaway for the long holiday weekend. Start with this discount rum, make yourself a mojito, and then buy a business class ticket to Orlando.

SPRZ NY Tote Bag, $5.90 (was $19.90) Buy more discount rum, and carry it around in this tote.
First Point Maillot, $238.70 (was $341) There are only two left! Buy them before Lupita does, she can’t get enough of these swimsuits.


Handmade Acetate Sunglasses, $51 (were $68) Actually, forget what I said. Let Lupita have the other maillot. It’s fine if the two of you have the same swimsuit but ONLY IF you both have matching sunglasses too. Because then you’re a squad.
Night and Day by Joe Jackson, $4.99 (was $5.99) If you go to the club while you’re on vacay, ask the DJ to play Joe Jackson’s “Stepping Out” and then watch everyone scurry to the dance floor like cockroaches who know a good song when they hear it.


Garrison Jacket, $400 (was $795) Wear this $400 raincoat in case it rains, but you want to finish your discount rum mojito outside at the tiki bar.
Double-Face Merino Cape, $148 (was $495) Wear this in case you have to finish your discount rum mojito in your hotel room (the tiki bar closes at 2 AM), but you can’t figure out how to turn down the air conditioner.


Deep Cuts: Start With a Mojito

Victoire Leather Espadrille Sandals, $65 (was $108) Wear these if you can walk in them (you probably can!), and if you can’t, you can wedge your half-finished rum bottles through the straps!