Every Friday we round up some hot junk that’s on sale. Welcome to Deep Cuts.

ASOS Fuller Bust Leopard Mesh Balconette Bra, $23 + free shipping (was $33) Wear this thing under a sheer white T-shirt. Or under nothing at all? It’s even giving the model goosebumps.

Turtle Shell, $89 (was $129) I have one of these only mine came from a dying turtle my mom found on the side of the road. Don't worry, she used the whole animal. (Soup.)
LNA Knit Romper, $80 (was $160) I want to have sex with this romper. It has a keyhole back, too. Fuck.
Madewell Lightpole Earrings, $12.99 (were $22) My friend Jordan has the rhinestone-free version of these and they are shockingly stunning for being so small and simple.
Magical Thinking Toothbrush Holder, $9.99 (was $29) Don't buy this! What, you thought I was serious? This shit is barftastic. Imagine what would grow inside and how you'd never be able to get it out (that is until it sprouted limbs and crawled out on its own).
White House/Black Market Silver Heels, $29.99 (were $125) They're real leather. Watch your back, Chico's.
Metal Ankle Cuff, $29.95 (was $88) Okay, you can have this but only if you hold that pose. Forever.
The Wine Questionnaire, $29 (was $45) Q: Wine? A: Yes.
Bettina Gown, $1,800 (was $2,340) How many times can you get married before people decide you're a monster? Asking for a friend.

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