Every Friday we round up some hot junk that's on sale. Welcome to Deep Cuts.

Charmsies (Ed. note — Ugh.) Iron-In Hair Charms, $8.40 (were $12) What are "hair charms?" Related: memorieees.

Style London Envelope Clutch, $27 (was $73) The lining is leopard print. LEOPARD PRINT.
Sue Devitt Eye Palette, $19 (was $38) All Sue Devitt makeup is half-off at Barney's right now. Why? I don't know. I've never actually used it and I refuse to use the internet to find out if she's going out of business or redesigning or if it contains toxic waste. Instead, I choose to live in blissful ignorance and just believe the world is a magical place of nonsensical makeup liquidation.
Meek2 Cut Out Slippers, $22 (were $45) Look at these shoes. Stare them right in their springy faces. Now just TRY and deny them!
Pretty Bracelets?, $4.99 (was $8) Just kidding. These are called "Yoga Ponytail Holders" so obviously they are only to be used during yoga, which explains why I've never tried them.
Ciaté Very Colorfoil Manicure, $12.50 (was $25) Holy shit, this looks complicated. Report back.
Deskey Deco Tiered Earrings, $42.50 (were $85) BIG MUSEUM EARRINGS. Okay, "medium" museum earrings, but museum earrings nonetheless. Not to bring up a sore subject, but can't you picture Mrs. Huxtable in these? (And yes, I know she primarily wore clip-ons, but you know what I'm saying.)
Bust of Ancient Greek Male, $179 (was $229) He's cute. The real ones are SO much more expensive, in terms of years they take off your life. What a steal.

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