Welcome back to Deep Cuts where we are only half-joking about buying some of this hot junk that’s on sale.

Maison Margiela Lace-Up Leather Necklace, $292.40 (was $860) You have got to be kidding. No, wait, let’s brainstorm how to wear this and don’t say “pair it with a white T-shirt” because that’s cheating.

Linen Striped Top & Culottes, $58 (were $108) Don't you just love a twofer? Also, those shoes. Those shoes! Speaking of stripes and shoes...
J. Jill Striped D'orsay Flats, $55.99 (were $99, discount applied at checkout) There is nothing wrong with these. We should all be so lucky.
SPF 30 Complexion Corrector, $19 (was $48) From the reviews: "This is hands down the best skin makeup product I have ever used. Having been in the modeling industry for years I have had a chance to try numerous different brands from all over the world. I LOVE this corrector. " Well la-di-da.


Sleeveless Wrap Dress, $69.99 (was $150) I would like to live in this — morning, noon and night — until its fibers became interwoven with my skin and you couldn't tell where the dress ended and I began. And then we could make a TLC show about it.
Urban Decay Eyeliner, $10 (were $20) This shit is perfect for waterlining — it's densely pigmented and applies super-smoothly. Try the purple.
Korakia Pensione Hotel in Palm Springs, $105 a night (was $211) A big part of looking good is feeling good. Just kidding. A big part of looking good is sitting by this pool and not having anyone you know around to judge you. Apparently this place was built in 1924 by "an eccentric artist with a penchant for parties" which sounds perfect.


14k Gold-Plated Roman Empress Coin Bracelet, $47.50 (was $95) Imagine this on your rich friend's grandmother. You'd at least wonder if it's real. Be the rich grandma you want to see in the world.

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