Deep Cuts: How Did This Dolce & Gabbana Dress Get Made?

Every Friday we round up some hot junk that’s on sale. Welcome to Deep Cuts.

Facelace Op-Art Festival Makeup Design, $11.10 (was $18.50) Untz, untz, untz, untz.

Ugg Antora Patent Ballet Flat, $79.99 (were $110) You think I'm kidding, but have you ever tried these on? Then shut up. They are like warm hugs for your tootsies.
Naked on the Run Palettte, $39 (was $54) This is actually a pretty good deal for what you get. Huh.
Sights to See Vegan Peach Purse, $19 (was $42) I want. It's the perfect mom purse. Just THINK of all the food and garbage one could store in there.
Smithsonian Oualata Earrings and Pendant, $19.99 & $89.99 (were $30 & $140) "Museum Provenance: The original early 20th-century gold necklace from Oualata, Mauritania, resides in the collections of our National Museum of African Art." Gorgeous.
Strappy Button Midi Dress, $15 (was $45) Once this goes on, it's never coming off.
Faux Fur Mani/Pedi Lapdesk, $79 (was $89) Okay, so it's not a very good discount, but LOOK AT THIS PIECE OF MAGIC. ITS SPLENDOR CANNOT BE DENIED.
Dolce & Gabbana Embellished Jacquard Dress, $3,601.50 (was $12,005) Um.

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