Deep Cuts: DIY Gucci Mane Earrings

Welcome back to Deep Cuts where we make fun of a bunch of hot junk that’s on sale and then secretly buy it anyway.

Gold Vermeil Earring, $16.50 (were $55) Only B and R are left, so if you have like 80 bucks and four holes in a row, you can make this perfect, icy statement.

Floral Medallions Caftan, $39.99 (was $65) Why wait to dress in museum store clothing?
Lush Link Necklace, $39.95 (was $78) Pretty sure Kristen from RHoNY has this.
Some Face Stuff?, $55 (was $110) Who can resist a sale on some long-winded face stuff?
Midi Dress with Embroidered Overlay, $67.50 (was $135) Don't you have another wedding to attend before summer ends? Or to be in? Or to STAR in?
Equipment Silk Blouse, $48.60 (was $108) No joke, I love Equipment and this top is timeless.
19th Century Composer Intaglio Set, $169 (was $229) Finally, you can own the "silhouettes of six famous composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Haydn, Richard Wagner, Gioachino Rossini and Pierre-Jean de Béranger." Split the set with your five closest nerds!

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