Deep Cuts: A Bunch Of Pretty Decent Stuff on Is on Sale, Plus Two Stupid Things

Welcome back to Deep Cuts where we make fun of a bunch of hot junk that’s on sale and then secretly buy it anyway.

Leather Yoga Strap, $29.95 (was $58) On the one hand, this drives me nuts. On the other hand, it is a handsome way to keep your unruly yoga mat tidy when not in use. Life is all about choices, right E-40?

Floral Bird Print Mini, $26 (was $55) Don't listen to Judge Kara Brown; this print is gorgeous for fall. HOWEVER: it looks like it's maybe a little sheer, so pair it with a top layer like this:
Collarless Bouclé Coat, $34.99 (was $49.90) Sometimes you get lucky with outerwear at Forever 21 and end up with something timeless that lasts for years. Fingers crossed.
Calvin Klein City Shopper Tote, $59.99 (was $119.50) This classic leather tote comes in five colors. I'll take winter white, please and thank you.
Lomo Smartphone Film Scanner, $44.95 (was $60) Moms LOVE getting shit like this for the holidays, even if they never end up using it/make you use it for them.
Lancome Grandiose Mascara Set, $26 (normally $42) I got a free sample of this eyelash primer and it, uhhh, kind of changed my life. It didn't come with directions, so I put it on and let it dry before applying mascara and maybe that's wrong but it looks so right.
Marlowe Posts, $19.95 (were $44) Perfect for your extra holes.
Seven You & Me Pencils, $8 (were $12) Not bad for some cute wedding favors.
Marni Shearling Boots, $1,059 (were $1,760) Haha, what!? Pretty sure a preteen Kylie Jenner was wearing these on the episode where they pretended to take a family vacation to Breckenridge, CO and then Kim pretended to get ganged up on and then pretended to leave the vacation early but then pretended to call her boyfriend Reggie and pretended he helped her decide to stick it out and then her entire family pretended to be relieved that she rejoined them.

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