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How Wrecked Are Your Nails?

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Last night the acrylic nails came off in a fit of rage over how expensive they are to maintain. This morning there are no regrets, except for how awful they look and feel.


What did you destroy this weekend?

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I painted my nails bright red so that’s fun but yeah my cuticles are a disgrace. I also shaved my legs and whatnot - a rare event.

I finally made it to Sephora and went in search of a foundation to match my pale skin. It was so frustrating. I did manage to get a salesperson to try to help me but it was just not working. I literally said - All I care about is that it’s a liquid foundation that matches my skin and is full coverage, and I will pay any amount of money to get that (that’s how badly I want foundation right now).

So we try the lightest shade of Born This Way, and it’s too dark. She goes on to suggest 3 other brands, we go swatch the lightest shade in each. All too dark. Then she starts trying to sell me on tinted moisturizers and powders, which I hate, so I just thanked her for her help and went over to the Makeup Forever section, grabbed the lightest warm tone they had, and hoped for the best.

It does match my skin (miracle of miracles) but I’m wearing it today and even with a good primer and moisturizer it looks super flaky and patchy, and coverage is only medium.

Why is this so hard? Ghosts need full coverage foundation, too :(